In 2014 I walked and camped my way across Devon. It took a while so I decided to carve a spoon to eat my various tins of food with. As I walked, I carved and I realised I didn’t know what the wood was that I was carving, then I realised I didn’t know what most of the trees accompanying me on the walk were. This is where my passion for trees began, and it wasn’t even deterred when I had to undergo quite major surgery to mend the finger I had cut, almost entirely through, whilst whittling and walking!

Hertswood is me, Jonah, a woodturner and carver based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, U.K.
I make plant pots, coffee spoons and various bowl type things from local wood and wood that has been donated to me in exchange for crafted items.


A tree’s heartwood is the oldest wood at the centre of the trunk. The heartwood contains most of the stories and ‘memories’ from the life of the tree.

I am deeply fascinated by trees – the ecology; the support above and below ground they provide to so many species, the internal workings and symbiotic relationships they have with other trees and fungi, and of course, the cultural heritage they share with us humans.

On the whole my interest lies with trees and wood that are locally available to me, native or otherwise.
I prefer wood that has a story to tell me.
Making utilitarian products is most interesting to me, transforming something into something else entirely fascinates me, particularly as the scars and stories the tree earned in its standing vertical life continue in its new life in someone’s home.

I source wood from National Trust estates and tree surgeons but I am also very keen to work with wood that hold value to someone else. there is nothing I like more than to create something from an item of furniture or tree that holds special memories for someone, crafting it into something new and giving them a product back that enables those memories to live on.

Please visit my shop to peruse my stock. You can contact me with any questions regarding custom commissions, product care, or order queries. Visit Your Wood to donate wood in return for crafted items and learn and read about trees in my blog.