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  • Who is Hertswood?
    Hi I’m Jonah and I am the founder of Hertswood. I have a true passion (some may say obsession) with trees and am constantly seeking to expand and test my knowledge. It was my love for trees that brought me first to spoon carving and later, wood turning.I create all my products, by hand, using high quality tools in my workshop in rural Hertfordshire. Over time I have been expanding my range and discovering new things to make. I like to create products that are contemporary and functional. Within our home, we use my wooden bowls for everything - for eating cereal, soup, fruit, snacks and salad, for storing jewellery, keys and small change, my children even use them in their play!
  • How is Hertswood sustainable?
    All of the wood I use is ethically sourced and all the wood I use is the bi product of sustainable and ethical woodland or garden management. Most of the wood is sourced via the National Trust Woodland Management team. I only use wood whose origin is known to me. Each product comes with a hand written note to share the tree’s story. All products are made within my workshop and we run off 100% renewable energy. I try to recycle packaging as much as I can whilst keeping your new product safe in it’s journey. Wood shavings are often used for packaging of smaller items.
  • Can you make custom made or bespoke items?
    I would be extremely happy to discuss any commissions or ideas you may have for new products or variations of products on my website or on social media. If you have any wood that you would like made into a new product that can be re-loved and re-used then please get in touch to discuss. One of our favourite cooking spoons at home has been made from our old family mahogany piano!
  • How do wooden products differ?
    Each Hertwood product is crafted by hand and is one of a kind, no two pieces of wood are the same. Wood characteristic are unique and interesting; this could include, knots, different textures, different colours, even slight shape changes, this is demonstrated by the product photos. If there is an unusual wood pattern I will always try and focus on this in the product photos. I will not sell any product that I am not truly happy with.
  • Can I eat from Hertswood wooden bowls?
    Yes!! I pride myself on making products that are functional and can be used! I do not sell any bowls that have cracks to ensure that your bowl is suitable for eating from. Bowls can be used for most foods and we use ours for snacks, cereal and even soup!! There are some foods that might stain - for example bright coloured fruits like raspberries. All bowls are sealed with food safe, Hertswood 'wood goo' and can be washed with warm soapy water. Please follow care instructions to insure your bowl has the longevity it deserves! If your bowl needs a new lease of life, you can use Hertswood Wood Goo or any food safe oil from time to time to leave your bowl as good as new!!
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