This is a collaboration with Mellow Moon, a local maker of delicious diffusers and candles. 


This set consists of an aluminium diffuser capsule with Copper and Amarylis scent, with screw lid closure, seven natural coloured reeds and a Sweet Chestnut Hertswood vase. 


Diffuser refills are available from Mellow Moon or once the oil is finished the wooden container can be used as a vase for dried flowers or grasses.


The fragrance is called Copper & Amyris, I'll leave it to Mellow Moon to explain -


'Top - Paper, charred wood, iris. Heart: cinnamon, incense, cashmere, clove bud, walnut, port.

Base- Nagarmotha, guaiacwood, labdanum, snowy musks.'


Each wooden vase comes with a handwritten card containing care instructions and explaining more about the wood and where it came from.

Unscrew the diffuser capsule and place carefully inside the vase, ensuring the vase does not get wet. Place reeds inside capsule and rest vase on a flat surface away from little hands and pesky pet paws/tails! Be careful of any spillage as the diffuser base can damage surfaces.



Diffuser Set