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A woodturning influence of mine, David Ellsworth, came up with the idea of  'Spirit Forms' - miniature hollow forms and vase shapes. They are so much fun to make, playing with form and intricate design. 


I make my 'Spirit Forms' out of wet wood, so these shapes move as they dry, they may warp and crack a little, I think of them as living works of art.  They look great on their own or as a set.


This is a Lucky Dip product, so once your order is received I will craft a one of a kind spirit form just for you, this could be made of any Hertfordshire wood!  If you order more than one, you will receive different forms that compliment each other.  


Each product are a similar size, big enough to put a flower stem in if you choose. The product photos show examples of 'Spirit Forms' I have made in the past to give you an idea, and the Lego lady is for scale! 


Every 'Spirit Form' comes with a unique handwritten card containing care instructions and explaining more about the wood and where it came from. 


These vases measure approximately 60-100mm in height.

Lucky Dip Spirit Forms

SKU: spirit
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