You donate wood.

I craft it for you.

Your wood lives on.


The pieces that I enjoy making the most are the ones where the wood has a story.
I don’t tend to use shop bought blanks except to practice on because I don’t know their stories, whereas when I get donated wood or buy from tree surgeons or National Trust estates I can learn a little bit about the tree before it came to me, so if you are buying work from me then you will also be owning a bit of the tree’s history, present and future…

It is even more interesting and personal to work on YOUR WOOD that contains YOUR STORY.

Do you have a tree in the garden that for one reason or another needs to be felled or cut back, but that tree holds memories of playing in the garden?

Do you have an old family piano beyond repair?

Do you have an old Oak kitchen table, a memory assigned to every dent and scratch, that you need replacing or your child’s first crib that they’ve grown out of and is far too covered in infant expulsions to hand down?

You can donate wood to me and, depending on the workability and quantity, I will make you something from it in exchange, or I will charge you a work only rate on a piece of art that allows your memories and stories that your wood contains, live on.

If you have wood that you would like to donate to me in exchange for personally created craft, be it wood that has sentimental value or just a load of wood that you don’t want, then contact me via the form below.