Wooden craft made in Hertfordshire.

Your Wood. Your Story.

You donate wood.

I craft it for you.

Your wood lives on.

About Hertswood

Hertswood is me, Jonah, a woodturner and carver based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, U.K.
I make plant pots, coffee spoons and various bowl type things from local wood and wood that has been donated to me in exchange for crafted items.


In 2014 I walked and camped my way across Devon. It took a while so I decided to carve a spoon to eat my various tins of food with. As I walked, I carved and I realised I didn’t know what the wood was that I was carving, then I realised I didn’t know what most of the trees accompanying me on the walk were. This is where my passion for trees began, and it wasn’t even deterred when I had to undergo quite major surgery to mend the finger I had cut, almost entirely through, whilst whittling and walking!


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